Exhibitions and collaborations

2023 Art house LISA – Neu Guthendorf (Marlow)
2023 Cologne – Zündorfer Wehrturm
2022 Munich (München) – Kunsttreff Moosach
2021 DenkBar Sankt Gallen (CH
2021 Neuhardenberg (exhibition Brandenb. Kunstpreis)
2019 Bücherstadt Waldstadt – Wünsdorf
2019 Neuhardenberg (exhibition Brandenb. Kunstpreis)
2018 Teltow art days
2018 Quiddezentrum Munich
2018 Kunststation Klein Sassen (Rhön)
2017 City Hall Gallery  in Hoppegarten
2017 Festival „Art on the border“ Frankfurt (Oder)
2014 Craftwerk in Himmelpfort
2006 Sankt Andreasberg „Nature – human“
2005 Cathedral in Fuerstenwalde
2002 Brünkendorf (Wendland)

Currently I live and work in Fuerstenwalde (Spree)

Maria and her sisters – women in myths and present
2016  – Gallery „Altes Warmbad“ in Buckow (Märkische Schweiz):


Translated by Elisabeth Berger

Margrit Meier 14th November 2016

Contact: strausberg-red@moz.de

Soft, powerful, mystical and fantastical

It is only a little bit smaller than her creator. Formed from paper, the figure looks breakable. But also so strong. Because she carries, in her arms, her daughter and her grandson. It is the saint Anne, mother of the blessed virgin Mary who carries in her arms Mary and Jesus. Their creator is Anna Elisabeth Berger from Fuerstenwalde. On Saturday the artist opened her exhibition “Maria’s sisters – women’s shapes in myths and present”.

Anna Elisabeth Berger is glad that so many visitors have interest in her works[…].

Who listens to Anna Elisabeth Berger, gets to know a woman who has disputed with the subjects women and mothers, matriarchy and the still unequal role of women in society on multiple levels. Anna Elisabeth Berger knows what she speaks and what she forms said Laudator Jürgen Sebastian Dönicke. As a single mother she experienced the cliffs of society in the GDR as well as after the fall of the wall. Besides, the civil service employee worked at a women’s advice centre for a while.

“The representations of mother, child and grandchild are ancient and have fascinated me”, tells the artist. She has also become absorbed in fairy tale. Snow White’s mother wishes for a child white like snow, red as blood and black as the ebony of the frame. Furthermore, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty are figures which she both has approached. For example, earth is to be seen in the show, aerial packed in transparent foil. “The foil symbolises the glass coffin. It stands for a quiescence in which apparently nothing happens, but new comes out”, she says. Next door she has draped a suitcase with a hat which is a symbol for the old and the new. If one leaves on a journey, one always takes something known along, however, a trip also brings new experiences. […]

The Berlin duet Heidi Cohrs (transverse flute) and Francesco Albano (guitar) provided the music to the art opening: Choros from Brazil, a mix from baroque music and polka .