Strong women!
A workshop to model

Even today we are touched by the mystery of Paleolithic figurines. A particularly beautiful figure is the approximately 30,000-year-old “Venus von Willendorf” with her big breasts and strong hips.

The multitude of mostly female figurines gives us clues to the worship of life and the feminine creative power in the StoneAge.
In a workshop we want to trace these figures, their strength and their physicality. We will also learn that there have been long periods of peaceful coexistence of people.

We modelstone-age figures out of plaster – with big chest, straight back, beautiful and strong.

No previous knowledge is required.
Please bring: a kitchenknife (flat at the front) or modelling tools such as pottery, work clothes or an apron make sense.

Simple work to treat the surface may still be required after the workshop.

When: 19. 11. 2022, from 14h-18h
Registration: by 12. 11. 2022 at

Where: Berliner Str. 186a, D 65205 Wiesbaden

Cost: 80 € including material

Instructions: Anna Elisabeth Berger,

Exhibition in ” 1. Müncheberger Obstgartenfestival

on Saturday, 17.9.2022 from 12 to 18 h
in 15374 Müncheberg, Eberswalder Straße 84 i

Exhibition in Munich – Moosach

From Thursday 28 July to Sunday 31 July 2022, I will be exhibiting sculptural objects at Kunsttreff Moosach.
I will be there and look forward to interested visitors and conversations.

Opening: Thu 6 – 8 pm
Opening hours: Fri – Sun 1 – 6 pm

Place: Donauwörther Straße 51 in 80997 Munich
The Kunsttreff in Moosach can be reached by:
U3/ S1/ Tram 20/ Bus X50; 51; 162; 163; 176; 710
Bus stop Moosach Bahnhof
Connection Bus 169
Stop Donauwörther Straße

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Exhibition and Workshop in St. Gallen (Switzerland)

Exhibition: 31.8. – 4.9. 2021
Workshop: 30.8. 2021

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Open Atelier 21. and 22. August 2021

Together with Anja Röhl (
Location: Atelier Blaues Haus,
Schubertstraße 2 in 15517 Fürstenwalde

Sonnabend 14 – 19 Uhr
Sonntag 11 – 18 Uhr

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Brandenburg Art Award Exhibition 2021

Stiftung Schloss Neuhardenberg

Sunday 09.05.2021 – Sunday, 22.08.2021

My object:

My objec



Exhibition in Zossen – Waldstadt, Gutenbergstraße 1

jewellery, ceramics, sculptures and more

Brandenburg Art Award


Stiftung Schloss Neuhardenberg

Sunday 23.06.2019 – Sunday, 01.09.2019

Open 10:00 – 18:00 Tuesdays to Sundays and on public holidays
Opening and awards ceremony: Sun 23 June, 12:00

Open Studio 04. and 05. May 2019

In Fürstenwalde, Sembritzkistraße 4

Saturday 4th May 14:00 – 18:00 and 5th of May 12:00 – 18:00 2019

Offer: An angel for you

Tell me your story: You are worried because you or a close being are ill, because you are jobless, unhappily in love or otherwise depressed.

Or – the other way round – you are happy about a newborn child and want to give away a gift in case of that, or you just want to fullfill yourself a wish (or for someone else).

We may speak about it and see, how your ideas or wishes can be expressed in that special work for you, your friends, your family or your sweethearts.

Offer: Workshop – Beautiful like Venus

We can model figures that look like done in the Stone Age – round, with big breast, straight back and beautiful.

Within our first session we’ll model the figure from plaster. At the second we’ll work on the surface and colour them.

Preliminary knowledge is not required. If available, please bring along your tools for pottering or a kitchen knife. Working clothes or an apron are useful.

Fee 50 € (including material)

Please, get in touch with me! Workshop will take place if at least 4 and maximum 7 participants will be registered.

+493361 369584 or


Invitation in the Quiddezentrum Munich

Quiddestrasse 45

09/08 – 18/08 Anna Elisabeth Berger

Word Form Shape

There are small and big figures which, originating from paper mixed with earth, pigments or unaltered, come to life. Anna Elisabeth Berger will be present and working during the exhibition. Viewers are welcome.

Beside the plastics, poems and text collages of the artist are to be seen and to read.

Art opening Thursday 09/08 at 17.00

with poems of Anna Elisabeth Berger and

“Between poems – a sound collection”

from Gerhardt Müller-Goldboom

open: 10/08 – 19/08 from 13 to 18 o’clock in each case

and by arrangement: 0151 55637776

Finissage: So 19/08 13 – 18 o’clock